Drunk driver who killed father of two gets 10 years

A 49-year-old has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for killing a man in a drink driving incident …

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CJ Olive Young opens foreigner

CJ Olive Young Corp., the distribution unit of South Korean food-to-cosmetics conglomerate CJ Group, …

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NCSoft to unveil new titles at G

NCSoft, one of South Korea's major game developers and publishers, is set to showcase its lates …

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LG Energy Solution debuts new battery

South Korea’s top battery maker LG Energy Solution said Wednesday it is partnering with financial se …

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N. Korea closes 7 embassies, now down to 46, says Seoul

North Korea has closed seven embassies across Africa, Europe and Southwest Asia, reducing its total …

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Women’s stories continue to resonate with Korean viewers

More drama series with diverse women in the lead are expected to dominate South Korean TV screens ov …

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